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Night Flight Lives 
07:58pm 11/10/2007
  Without checking the profile, I don't know if anyone even reads or is subscribed to this community anymore, but I thought I would pass along this news that was shared with the Night_Flight and NightFlightX Yahoo groups, from Stuart Shapiro himself.

From: stuart @ stuartshapiro.com

I am very proud to announce that I have acquired the Night Flight Library, copyrights and trademarks. It was act of serendipity and long term karmic metaphysical reattachment. The beautiful aspect is that if it wasn’t for the Night Flight Yahoo group and devoted fans like yourselves and in particular Alex Moncado, it might never had happened as it did.

So I thank all of you and hope and pray that soon I will be able to bring to our Night Flight family a renewal of the cutting edge cultural essence that was Night Flight and still is as strong as it ever was. I look forward in the coming months to hold some special NF sessions to learn how we should re launch Night Flight both on line and on TV.

It’s never too late to Rock and Roll. Never give up on your dreams or the ability to reverse your disappointments in life. With good health and good luck everything comes around.

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Turner Classic Movie Promos 
02:35pm 22/11/2006
mood: lazy
A taste of Night Flight can be found in the exquisitely edited Turner Classic Movies promo videos. You can see some here.
04:19pm 26/10/2006
mood: happy
Bless the National Film Board of Canada and Music of the Spheres. If only we'd had a VCR.
06:03am 15/12/2005
  Until this year, I was convinced I'd hallucinated Night Flight, that it was all a dream just like watching dawn at 2 a.m. or being attacked by those old '80s era Nintendo robots. Imagine my shock and delight when I found out it had been real!

A bit of background: I'm 24 years old. I was only six or seven, maybe eight when I'd actually seen Night Flight. Perhaps nine, because I'm not sure if I'd seen it on USA or on my local CBS affiliate during its syndicated run. Most of what I remember is Dynaman; it blew my mind seeing those brightly colored sentai heroes running around blowing up weird crap. Everything else is hazy...I hadn't watched very much of it, and I consider myself lucky to have been able to stay up that late as much as I did. It stayed with me though, the fact, which became an abstract notion in the intervening years, that something as weird and wonderful as Night Flight was allowed to exist as long as it did on television, the most commercial medium in existence. We need something like that for today; I need something I can come home to at 2 a.m.

So I'm here to soak up the memories and learn as much as I can. Hi and thanks for having me.
Somebody does have to put out. 
04:55am 10/11/2005
  "NIGHT FLIGHT" lovers in the SoCal area please take note.

One of the most beloved films that "NIGHT FLIGHT" ever broadcast, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE FABULOUS STAINS, gets a rare theatrical midnight show screening in Los Angeles on Friday, November 18th, at Landmark's Nuart Theatre.

Word on the street is that the only surviving print is on its last legs, so this could be the last time it will be seen in a theatre. However, if the turnout is really good, Paramount has said that they may be enticed to strike a new print. So while naturally a big attendance would not only be good for the theatre, it would be also benefit the film, securing it more visibility, and just maybe, the big prize: a DVD release.

Tickets are $9.50 and are available at Movietickets.com or at the box office. Visit http://www.landmarktheatres.com and click on Los Angeles for more info.
Night Flight -- Simply the Best 
03:10pm 17/04/2005
  Man, I loved Night Flight. I first discovered the program in the mid-80s on USA Network. It was the highlight of my weekends. I was frequently in an altered state of consciousness at that time, so that made watching Night Flight that much more interesting.

What I remember mostly are the movies and the cartoon shorts. Remember Tippy the Turtle? "And then I'll go home and get drunk... tee hee!" I could relate to that, as I was probably drunk myself the first time I saw Tippy. I remember watching the Grateful Dead in concert on New Year's Eve 1985. I thought Jerry Garcia looked just like my friend Steve's dad. We laughed about that for weeks. And the movies -- Night of the Living Dead, The Atomic Cafe, Department of Defense shorts. The actors in those defense films were all so serious, and their characters were utterly convinced that even if there were a nuclear war, everything would turn out all right. I found that attitude horrifying.

One time I came home from a party and turned the TV to the USA Network for my fill of Night Flight. To my everlasting dismay, I saw it had been replaced with something called Up All Night, with the insufferable Gilbert Gottfried. I was young and crass, but even then I knew an era had ended and some things would never again be the same. God rest ye, Night Flight! Oh, how I miss you!
03:55pm 18/02/2005
  The Night Flight group / mailing list on Yahoo
08:02am 12/02/2005
  I imagine there are some people in the community who aren't on the Yahoo night_flight group / mailing list, but.. at any rate, Night Flight's creator and producer Stuart Shapiro has recently been posting to the list. I thought I would share with the community this post of his from last night..

I would like to take the time to tell the beginning story but I really should figure how to record and tell it in detail…yes it was in my head from the beginning, yes I did have a great team as it would have to be….NF was my essence and always has been…from TunnelVision in 1976 to Rust Never Sleeps and J Men…it goes on and on…I produced Mondo New York at the end of Night Flight because I needed a swan song to get out of my system what NF had stopped becoming. I became frustrated because the network became increasingly suspect of my pushing the limits. And I felt the show was becoming too censored so I went off and made Mondo without any boundaries.

I have always believed in the alternative expression of creativity and have had the wonderful luck to make a career out of it. I found out early in life that if you work at what you are inside, happiness and fulfillment will always follow and NF is who I really am inside.

Unfortunately I left in 1986 when my son Dorian was born and after that it was never the same for the next two years….I think back that I was stupid and should have never stopped but shit happens and we make mistakes sometime in retro that were not that smart.


NF was like a first album every time…fresh without restraints.

I love you all for the feeling. It really has been a long time since I got back in touch with how special and lucky we were.
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The Dirt Sisters??? 
12:15pm 06/07/2004
  This movie has had me in the grips of obsession ever since I saw it on Night Flight (1987-1988). And, if anyone remembers it or remembers it's correct title I would be so thankful. The memory is hazy but I believe it involved two girls in a hospital where one was rich and the other was punk . They escape together, live in the streets, wear garbage bags and eat dirt. What the hades was this movie??? Can anyone help? I think that Night Flight completely influenced who I have become today and was my first introduction to so many things I could have never found being 13 and living in West Virginia. Music, films. It was my first intro to John Waters, Wyld Style..etc. I miss it.  
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Night Flight fan by association 
02:39pm 05/07/2004
  I rarely got the chance to see Night Flight during the '80s, but I was always a big fan of New Wave music. I still love Laurie Anderson, though I don't consider her a New Wave artist, per se.
Anway, let's get some more posts on this group!
10:09am 10/01/2004
mood: amused
Thought you would find this semi-interesting, my fellows. Perhaps *more* than semi-interesting, even

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06:43pm 31/12/2003
mood: curious
the ONLY thing i remember from Night Flight is this little animated short about a plank or a board just existing in the middle of the air, and there were wooden (not sure)figures standing on it. every so often the board would tip to 1 side, then the other and the figures were trying to stay on it & not fall. obviously, it kept tipping until all but one fell off, and then eventually THAT figure fell off the edge of the board.
WHO created this short? what is its title? is it available anywhere? am i the only person that remembers this?! :(
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J-Men Forever DVD 
05:57pm 23/11/2003
  Hey kids...imagine my surprise to find others who actually remember Night Flight, let alone J-Men forever. I bring good news...it's on DVD...for real, not a bootleg. I just picked it up at Silver Platters in Bellevue, WA a couple weeks ago. Here's a linky. Enjoy.  
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10:22am 30/05/2003
  Hi all! It's so lovely to discover this community. I was just adding some interests and thought of Night Flight which led me here.

I guess I must've started watching very early on since I was watching when I was in high school and I graduated in 1985. It definitely helped shape the person I am today. It's actually surprising when I realize how much I've actually managed to save/acquire on tape from the show. The biggest coup was getting a videotape of "Ladies and Gentlemen:The Fabulous Stains" dubbed from a print of the film - look ma, no censoring!. There was a really great article about the film in an old issue of the Beastie Boys magazine Grand Royal. I also have "Breaking Glass" which did not hold up well over time, and both tapes of "The Best of New Wave Theater." I've also found a bunch of Peter Ivers (the host of NWT) records.

As for stuff I taped - I've got some Dating Do's and Don'ts, Ann Magnuson as Fallopia:How to Be a New Wave Video Slut, episodes of Some Bizzare, Andy Warhol's Frankenstein and Dracula, and various videos. Frankly, I'm surprised that VH1 Classic hasn't dug up old episodes to show. Hmmm, maybe I should write them.
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i have found you...i am no longer alone... 
07:27pm 20/04/2003
mood: ecstatic
i saw Night Flight eps back in the 90's (yeah sure back in the day) that used to air after Saturday Night Live on my local NBC station. i never had cable at my folks' house growing up so i never saw it on USA.
I loved the early episodes with the female voice over but kinda got annoyed with the Tom Juarez hosted ones. i thought he was a tool, but that's just my opinion.

anyways that show was like the slumber party from hell and i loved every minute of it, the fucked up shorts, the music video blocks and interviews, the collection of every level of kitsch, outre and mayhem helped fuel my life long interest in mondo bizzaro type stuff.

and now finding this community, ironically while looking for a community for fans of Showtime's Late Nite 'reality' shows, Penn and Teller's Bullshit and Family Business. i feel as if i had come home in a way.

thanks for being here!

-a devoted TV fangrrl
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03:16pm 15/03/2003
  Anyone out there know where I can aquire tapes of this show? From what I recall, there were four episodes aired on Night Flight, and a two episode special aired on Nickelodeon.  
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happy new year 
08:58am 01/01/2003
mood: awake
I joined this thing a while back but never figured out how to post! Does anyone still visit? I've got lots to say about Night Flight!
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03:14am 03/10/2002
  I was quite gratified to find this fangroup, as NIGHT FLIGHT was one of the shows I gravitated to all through my adolescence to find out what was cool and what would be cool when the world was ready.
I'd like to know what some of the favorite things are that the members here saw during its heyday. For me, it was the movies, so many influential films on my taste, including one that has become an overwhelming crusade to me.


I also remember really liking the Some Bizarre show, New Wave Theater, the stand-up segments, and some of those shorts that just defied description. What else am I forgetting?
11:44am 21/09/2002
mood: confused
What became of this community and it's members? All we all no longer interested? Did everyone but me get their bootleg copies of "The Complete Night Flight" on DVD and just not have a reason to come and speak anymore? What gives?

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08:42pm 17/07/2002
  hey, night_flight..

i discovered this little group a while ago, but haven't yet got around to posting or saying anything. i was *thrilled* to see someone created a night flight community, especially because initially when i started listing my interests on my profile, and listed night flight as one of them, i found that i was one of only two people with it listed (this group's founder being the other).

i'm only 21 years old, so my recollection of what i saw of the show is kind of limited. i most remember that my dad and i watched it a lot together when i was a little kid, and how great it was actually seeing videos and stuff by *bands we actually liked* as opposed to what you could see on mtv. it was always awesome seeing frank zappa stuff, like concert footage and the "you are what you watch" special, as i've always been a huge zappa fan, me and my dad played his records all the time when i was really young. the only other specific memories i have of the show were a few cool installments of "new wave theater" and a time they showed "the grateful dead movie". i do remember seeing a couple of the crummy half-hour shows in syndication in the early 90s, including some plasmatics and wendy o. footage, but those shows were generally worthless.

so, yeah.. i hope some more people will join this group and share their memories and that shit.
thanks for creating the group, though, it's just great knowing people interested in the show are out there somewhere :)
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