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i have found you...i am no longer alone...

i saw Night Flight eps back in the 90's (yeah sure back in the day) that used to air after Saturday Night Live on my local NBC station. i never had cable at my folks' house growing up so i never saw it on USA.
I loved the early episodes with the female voice over but kinda got annoyed with the Tom Juarez hosted ones. i thought he was a tool, but that's just my opinion.

anyways that show was like the slumber party from hell and i loved every minute of it, the fucked up shorts, the music video blocks and interviews, the collection of every level of kitsch, outre and mayhem helped fuel my life long interest in mondo bizzaro type stuff.

and now finding this community, ironically while looking for a community for fans of Showtime's Late Nite 'reality' shows, Penn and Teller's Bullshit and Family Business. i feel as if i had come home in a way.

thanks for being here!

-a devoted TV fangrrl
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